About Sunningdale Boarding Cattery

About Sunningdale Boarding Cattery

"Start as you mean to go on" was the advice we were given many years ago when we first began thinking about managing our own boarding cattery. It was good advice. We didn't want a run-of-the-mill cattery, an average cattery, or even a reasonably good cattery. We wanted Sunningdale Cattery to be the best boarding cattery in either Berkshire or Surrey. That advice has driven us, and our cattery, ever since.

Sunningdale Cattery

Sunningdale boarding cattery includes two wooden-framed garden cattery blocks, both surrounded by trees and hedges and in a quiet and peaceful location. The gardens are home to an assortment of itinerant wildlife throughout the year and tend to give our guests plenty to keep an eye on. Our own cats have a passion for birdwatching and we suspect yours will enjoy it too!

In addition, we also have an indoor cattery which is fitted with modern materials for enhanced hygiene, larger sleeping and living areas and access to an individual outdoor run. More elderly cats are probably better suited to the indoor cattery, where we can provide single-level accommodation.

For us, our cats are part of our family, like kids. Guests in our boarding cattery are treated in much the same way as we treat our own cats. We know some cats like to be left well alone, whilst others adore constant attention. Let us know as much as you can about your cat and we'll do our best to keep him or her happy.

Cats boarding at Sunningdale Cattery are normally fed exactly the same as they are fed at home. Our standard cattery prices include meals based on any of the huge range of products we keep in stock. From experience we know that the products we stock are perfect for more than 95% of our guests. However, cats wouldn't be cats if they weren't picky eaters and we're perfectly happy to cater for individual diets, as required, with prices to be agreed accordingly. Just remember that Sushi tends to be a bit pricey...

The Sunningdale Boarding Cattery is ideally located, being close to the Berkshire and Surrey borders and thus convenient for cat owners from the surrounding areas including Ascot, Egham, Staines, Windsor, Bracknell, Sunninghill, Windlesham and Bagshot. For this reason, and because our clients come back to us time and time again, we are often fully booked as much as three months in advance.

Regular visitors to this site will be aware that during busy periods and for the majority of the summer, our address and telephone number is removed from this website. If you are interested in boarding your cat with us we ask that you first use our availability check form. An automated reply will be sent to you within 5-20 minutes with details of availability. If we have accommodation available for the dates you requested, your email will include the relevant contact and address details. We apologise if this sounds a little unfriendly but when we say that our guests come first, we mean it.